the one where I finally post house pictures

September is almost over, and I’m still trying to process that August has come and gone. This summer passed in a blur of cardboard boxes and cat fights and packing tape and U-Haul trucks. We’ve officially owned this house for one month and four days now, and I’m still pinching myself. I love this house. It’s the house I dreamed about. It’s the house I plan on dying in and then haunting for the rest of eternity.

Beware any future owners who dare to paint the trim.

I had grand plans for taking pictures with a nice camera, but I have no idea where the nice camera is. Does it look like I’m completely unpacked? Yes? Exxxxcellent.

I’m not. I just shoved boxes out of the frame.


The house was built in 1907.

No, stop and think about that for a second.

This house has saw the introduction of the Model-T, the sinking of the Titanic, World War I, the first transcontinental phone call, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Flu Pandemic, the Treaty of Versailles, Prohibition, the Suffragists, Babe Ruth, the invention of Penicillin, the invention of sliced bread, the Great Depression, Ghandi’s Salt March, the erection of the Empire State Building, Amelia Earhart, the end of Prohibition, the Hindenberg, World War II, Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the atomic bombing of Japan, the discovery of DNA, the growth of Communism, Rosa Parks, the founding of NASA, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., the Civil Rights Act, the Vietnam War, the Zodiac killer, Neil Armstrong, the Watergate Scandal, Mother Teresa, Mount St. Helens, the registration of the first internet domain, the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic, Chernobyl, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tienanmen Square Massacre, the collapse of the Soviet Union, Operation Desert Storm, the Rwandan Genocide, the Unabomber, the movie Titanic, Y2K, September 11th, the invasion of Iraq, Web 2.0., Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Apple, Hurricane Katrina, Saddam Hussein, Barack Obama, the Haiti earthquake, the death of Osama bin Laden, North Korea’s nuclear tests….

I could keep going, but you should have been born by now.

We were lucky enough to get the entire Abstract of Title for our house. The first listing is 1849: The United States to Pierre Bottineau.

If you don’t live in Minnesota, that name might mean nothing to you. If you do, you’ll know that there’s only a library, a park, and a major boulevard named after this guy. He was a major force behind the founding and development of Minnesota. Plus, he looked super baller:


He sold the land to Henry H. Sibley, who coincidentally was the first governor of Minnesota.


Somewhere in that long list of names, one person decided to wallpaper the entire house. And when I say “entire” house, that is not a figure of speech.

Remember that one time when we bought a house with a ton of wallpaper and had several emotional breakdowns in the process of removing it and swore to never buy a house with wallpaper again?

Yeah, well, what can I say? I mean, there’s a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs!



IMG_5578The only thing I love more than old boiler radiators is unicorn bookends.

IMG_5580Whoever this wallpapering villain was, he/she had a thing for metallics.

IMG_5591The entire downstairs, minus the kitchen, was carpeted. Upon ripping out the carpet, the floors had a bit more character than we’d expected. Most likely the same person who wallpapered everything also decided to use a generous amount of carpet glue in the middle of each room. And then re-stain the floors around it.


IMG_5602The kitchen is the definition of “quaint.” Yes, that is an ancient KitchenAid dishwasher and yes it does (mostly) work. I’m guessing the kitchen was remodeled/an addition in the 60’s or 70’s. And no one has touched it since.

All of our new furniture came from Craigslist. Both the dining room table and the kitchen table are circa the 1920’s. Old house. Old furniture. I love things with history. If I won the lottery, I would still buy all old furniture. But I would hire a moving company so my friends, family, and I wouldn’t have to lug all these incredibly heavy, solid wood pieces of furniture around.

The back stairs, also known as the “servant’s entrance” or alternatively, “Stephanie’s entrance.”

IMG_5616The Master Bedroom with it’s shabby chic-esque wallpaper.

IMG_5622The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Compared to our previous house, it’s a mansion. We have two, TWO, guest bedrooms. SOMETHING I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. In my opinion, we should fill all this extra space with more animals, but Aaron rather strongly disagreed.


IMG_5624Ah, yes. The pink bathroom. So. Much. Pink. We countered with black accents, and thankfully I think Aaron might let me keep the wallpaper now.

I mean, come on, LOOK AT THIS WALLPAPER. Do you know how much money people pay for this style of wallpaper??


IMG_5628All of the bathrooms came with these original crystal doorknobs. I know this thanks to my spirit animal, Nicole Curtis, and her show Rehab Addict.

And then there’s the basement.

Most of the house, basement included, will be slowly renovated. Everything will stay as close to original as possible…..expect the kitchen and basement. It almost feels blasphemous to destroy such a perfectly preserved space from the 70’s.

IMG_5608But I really, really hate those palm trees.

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2 thoughts on “the one where I finally post house pictures

  1. Mom says:

    Love hearing your thoughts on the house and seeing how you are decorating it. Today would have been Grandma’s 79th birthday. She would have loved this!

  2. Barb (mom) says:

    Love, love, love! Well, maybe except for the basement. But it truly is beautiful and you guys have done such a great job of decorating. We have one rather unrelated question. Who is Jasmine? Thanks for sharing these pics and we can’t wait to see it in person and try out one of those guest rooms!

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