We listed our house on July 2nd and accepted an offer five days later.

Five days. 

“You can’t really count the holiday weekend though.” Said our realtor as we sat in a Starbucks and signed papers. “If we hadn’t listed it right before the 4th, I bet it would have sold in two days.”

Have I mentioned how crazy the housing market is right now?

The offer was good. Really good. And after a dozen or so signatures, it was accepted. We’re closing on August 14th.

Oh, you know, as in less than a month from now. Have we found a new house yet? Nope.

I’m sitting in my livingroom on my couch as I type this, and it feels very surreal that in twenty-nine days I could be homeless with three cats and a dog. Ok fine, not homeless, but going from owning to renting, even for a short time, is going to be dreadful. First, we have to find an apartment that does short-term or month-to-month rentals. And that will take all six of us. And that will take both dogs and cats. And that will take both dogs and three cats. I’ve briefly looked, but it’s hard to use a computer while having a panic attack.

Hotels! Ok! Some hotels do weekly rentals! My fingers pause over the keyboard. I can see it very clearly. Aaron heads to work and I am left with three cats and one dog in a hotel room where the bathroom has probably been converted into a holding cell since Cat #1 and Cat #3 cannot be in the same room anymore and Cat #2 is very unhappy with the entire situation and is telling me so in that endearingly ear-splitting meow that is definitely traveling through the paper thin walls and the dog is anxiously begging to go outside and get in the car and go home because this is not home and this is the worst and we’re all gonna die.

There is a fine line between “focus on the present” and “pretend this isn’t happening.”

We’ve looked at a handful of houses. Some were a definite no, some were out of our price range, and some were so close, but not quite perfect. I will admit, we are being very picky. I feel as though we’ve earned that right with our second house. We have a list. The list has been critiqued and questioned daily, but we still have The List. Thankfully our realtor is a real life superhero and is as committed to The List as much as we are.

“Jason wouldn’t be able to touch the ceiling, but the dining room would be pretty crowded for Friend Thanksgiving.” She’ll say and it will be true.

Northeast Minneapolis is currently a hot spot for real estate. Houses go on the market and have multiple offers in a matter of hours. How do you buy a house in a market like that? No, seriously, I’m asking. How do you do it?

I have alerts set from multiple websites that come to my email and to my phone. I keep my favorite site open and refresh the page every few hours….or minutes….or seconds. Because obviously there’s always the chance an alert will get sucked into a black hole. As soon as a new listing pops up and passes The List, we frantically email our Super Realtor with way too many exclamation points and phrases like “holy bananas!” and she very calmly sets up a showing. As August 14th grows closer, it gets harder to let those so close houses go. But I still believe our house is out there. Not a perfect house, but our perfect house.

Well, I do right now. Who knows what I’ll believe by tomorrow.

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